5' COB LED Downlight

Delton Electronic offers you the best quality and durable 5' COB LED Downlight made in China. Known as one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of various LED products, we can assure of its top quality and good performance. Welcome to enjoy our unmatched price and service.

Product Details

5' COB LED Downlights

Product Description:

1. The rated voltage of this product is 220V,the size of holes is 150mm.

2. The product's shell, shell is made of high quality solid casting aluminum, treated with spraying after sand-blasting, its spraying color can be made as per your requirement.

3. High specular reflector with superior lighting distribution .

4. Its color temperature can range from 2700K ~ 6000K.

5. The means of installation is by spring clips.


1. Energy-saving: the LED light in white color is only counting for 10% of the power consumption of the incandescent light, 40% of the power consumption of the fluorescent light; Its service life can exceed 100000 hours, so it's more efficacious for all in home lighting.
2. High frequency using: if the fluorescent light is switched on or off at a high frequency using, its lamp filament will soon be damaged or darkened.
3. Solid-state mounted: it can be transported and installed easily, no needed to care for vibrating. The main concern is heat diffusion.
4. With the rapid development of science and technology, LED lights has made a great achievement on the luminous efficiency and cost. The day of LED light accessible to home is coming.
5. Environmental protection: the LED light is free from mercury or toxic material and will reduce waste to a minimum. In addition, they are made entirely of recyclable material, so they impact on the environment is minimal.
6. Fast response: it has fully avoided the main defect of the traditional HPSL - a longer starting time.


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COB LED Downlight Specification:

Product item

Product code

Light source

Reflector angle

Dimension (mm)

Hole size (mm)


5’COB LED Downlight







6’COB LED Downlight








1. It's necessary to read the instruction carefully before installation; please make sure the electricity has been cut off before installing indoor lamps; and all outdoor lamps must be installed by skilled or professional electrician.

2.It's necessary to check if the product is in a good condition while unpacking.

3. It's necessary to keep a distance of 200m from the inflammable materials at least and of 20mm space from the ceiling. It is not allowed to mount all lamps inside the ceiling or beside wall with heat source. It should be paid attention to the separation of wiring in low voltage and high voltage.

4. All wires connecting to the lamp must be fixed securely.

5. It's necessary to keep enough length of the wire to the lamp for avoiding the tie knots or too much tension while wiring. It should be paid attention to the wiring of input and output.

6. After installation the lamp should be connected to switching power supply with low voltage.

7. All products must be disassembled or maintained by professional electrician. We have the right for no replacement or warranty if any disassembling or maintaining activities have been done without permission.

Why Us:

1. DELTON is a high-tech company in Shanghai city of China’s economy and trade center specializes in manufacturing, supplying and exporting various indoor and outdoor LED lighting, LED stripe lights, LED panel lights, and LED spot lights for display, etc.

2. With expert R&D team and technical staff, all our LED lights have to pass strict inspection before out of factory.

3. With professional manufacturing and inspecting instruments, we guarantee the quality of each product or meets your specific requirements.


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