2017 LED lighting market trends

- Mar 08, 2017-

On December 30, 2016, the National Institute for semiconductor lighting engineering and Industry Alliance industry (CSA Research) publish the 2016 Semiconductor Lighting industry white paper on the development of China, the white paper expected 2017 industry development in analysis, CSA Research noted that in 2017, intelligent, Internet +, sharing economy, new technology and economic change will accelerate progress and applications in semiconductor lighting technology development. Meanwhile, with the "Thirteen-Five" Semiconductor Lighting industry planning, "green as the four" unveiled and implementation of national programmes, projects, led lighting will be in 2017 for a new development opportunity and challenge.

A breakthrough, Foundation and advanced technology, further upgrading of lighting quality
CSA Research pointed out that Silicon jihuangguang LED luminous efficiency is expected to exceed 140lm/W, deep UV LED quantum efficiency will also increase to about 15%, output power over 30mW at room temperature, this will speed up the UV penetration of LED in the field of purification or disinfection; along with the material, questions of reliability, price gradually resolved, CSP cost advantages gradually prominent, large-scale production can be achieved.

In addition, in order to improve the optical quality, must further enhance color, non-visual effects, visual comfort, applied basic theory study on bio-safety, health care, combined with Physiology, medicine, psychology, sociology, studying the effects of light on physiology and pathology mechanism, and gradually establish a quantitative evaluation system supported by large data.

Second, the clear trend of segmentation, or into a new niche market growth
CSA Research says 2016 small space display, car LED, mobile phone LED Flash market segment concern biological agriculture lighting, light medical, communication, safety, sterilization and disinfection, and other innovative applications will be replaced after the new growth and long-term growth dynamics. In town, the Internet of things, smart city construction, driven by LED continue to punch in large-screen mosaic with small spacing, speed penetration, strong rival with DLP and LCD products is expected in 2017, LED a small spacing market continues to grow rapidly, faster than 40%.

Car LED the overall rise is expected in 2017 will exceed 10 billion yuan market scale. UVLED 2017 global market size of up to 270 million dollars and is expected to be more than UV light 1/3 of the market as a whole, compare favourably to form the mercury vapor and UV light situation.

Three further, industry resources, and cross-border integration become mainstream
CSA Research analysis points out that big companies tap capital markets, through the integration of mergers and acquisitions, to gather resources, to continue to be strong. SMEs need deep niche, do fine, to seek solutions. In addition, with the Internet of things, outside of the data, new-generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing, LED and LED and cultural industries, manufacturing and services integration further obvious cross-boundary development will be 2017 industry, fusion, mainstream.

Four, slowdown in the market as a whole, risk management need to be strengthened
In 2017, the macro-economic situation at home and abroad remains complex. CSA Research believes that modest recovery in economies such as the United States, Japan, Europe, and the devaluation of the renminbi is expected, good exports would slow the decline in 2016 LED lighting has been exports. In 2017 the domestic economy still linger in the bottom, plus since October 2016 national strict regulation of real estate, braking action lagged months will continue into the building materials industry is expected in 2017 LED lighting market growth to slow in the first half, while slowing down will also result in the downstream demand slowdown in the upper reaches.

Meanwhile, 2016 began a new round of PPI prices rose in the third quarter, corporate labor, raw materials and other costs are likely to rise. In addition, with the General lighting market penetration rates, agricultural displays, lighting, small spacing car LED, UV LED, IR LED and other niche markets will continue in 2017 with. Therefore, in 2017, the enterprise should pay attention to preventing risks, strategic cost management and to avoid price competition mired in the Red Sea.

Five, the "Thirteen-Five" plan unveiled, Central and local support is not reduced
"Thirteen-Five" Semiconductor Lighting industry plan will be released at the beginning of 2017, publication of the plan will be on the next step in the development of industry focus, clear direction of development. In addition, the "promotion of semiconductor lighting market transformation, energy saving and environmental protection new (green as four)" (GEF-SSLED) starts on semiconductor lighting market transformation, application and demonstration, quality assurance plays an active role in promoting. Nanchang, Jiangxi will have launched specific measures and programmes to further increase policy support to promote the rapid agglomeration and development of local industry, forming the unique optical, opto-electronic town, wisdom town.

In addition, as the advance "along the way" construction technology innovation special plan on cooperation, promotion and implementation of the policy, will continue to promote Chinese enterprises to go global.