Ordinary consumers to buy LED light lamps on the basis of recommendations

- Mar 08, 2017-

Light source selection controversy and never stopped, LED home lighting is appropriate? Blue, the color of the LED light source, not a continuous spectrum is attacked the most.

We cannot stop the development of science and technology, and LED gradually replace traditional light sources as an integral part of our life, television, mobile phones become part of our life, and light fixtures, LED light source has gradually become the mainstream. In the case of the trend, we how do consumers choose the right LED lamps become the focus of attention.

Not everyone can be optical lighting professionals, this article from the outsider perspective proposals hoping to throw out to attract experts to participate in the discussion.

On the Blu-ray standard

In the EU, CE low voltage Directive covers 2006/95/EC IEC62471:2006&EN62471:2008 lamps and lamp systems of bio-security standards has been implemented from 2009.09.01, completely replace the requirements related to the energy levels of LED products in the IEC/EN60825 standard, increasing the bio requirements, including radiant intensity, radiance, and the product hazard classification according to test data, including the exemption level, Low risk, medium damage, high hazard level. All LED lights are needed according to the IEC/EN62471 risk assessment bio-security standards, Blu-ray Blu-ray damage in the retina and retina damage (small light sources) for one of the test object. The following is required for harm to blue light hazard exposure time and the emission limits requirements:

In addition, the blue light hazard on the retina (Retinal blue light hazard), the new general standard for lighting of the lighting requirements and tests _ of the 1th part IEC60598-1:2014 IEC/TR 62,778:2012 introduced in the light and lamp light Blu-ray damage evaluation on Biosafety, specifically for retinal blue light hazard as follows:

1) in accordance with IEC/TR 62778 when tested at a distance of 200 mm, 0 risk (RG0) and class 1 dangerous (RG1) LED light lamp blue light hazard does not apply;

2) more than 1 type of dangerous (RG1) mobile lighting and hand-held lighting needed marked "Do not stare at light source does not look at the light source" logo;

3) children's lamp and night light blue light hazard cannot be more than 1 type of dangerous (RG1), judgment is RG0 RG1 test distance is 20 cm.

Summary: simple RG0 (Blu-ray exemption levels) can be used for indoor lighting products, including children's lamps, RG1 products must have the "Do not stare at light source does not look at the light source" logo. In other words you buy regular manufacturers of home lighting products generally is RG0-level product, Blu-ray is controlled in a certain range, will not cause damage to the eyes.

Recommend buying quality certification through the national brand, national can buy Foshan lighting, beautiful, op art, NVC, brand, international brands such as Philips, Panasonic. Control their Blu-ray is mainly reflected in the use of LED products for compliance with RG0 level, each LED chip manufacturer's products as long as get RG0 certification, its Blu-ray almost the same. Kitchen does not recommend the purchase, the chip cannot be guaranteed.

Effects of color temperature on Blu-ray

2014 Nobel Physics Prize was jointly awarded the Japanese scientist Akasaki Yong (IsamuAkasaki), and Mr Hao (HiroshiAmano) as well as Japanese-American scientist at University of California, Santa Barbara, Shuji Nakamura (ShujiNakamura), in recognition of their invention of a new type of high efficiency and energy saving light source's contribution, the blue light-emitting diodes (LED), and open up new space for energy savings.

Blu-ray, light up the world, issued official Blu-ray has only LED white light! Is white light without Blu-ray.

Home lighting LED color temperature mainly between 3000K to 6500K. 3000K is yellow, the 6500K is white, usually 4000K to 5000K as a neutral light.

In some eye protection desk lamp, for example, this table lamp with 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, three color temperature.

3000K color temperature blue light values significantly lower than 6000K when the highest Blu-ray; 4000K color temperature is determined by 3000K and 6000K two color temperature lamp bead mix of shiny, not using 4000K the color temperature of the wick, so Blu-ray test results similar to the result of 6000K. Actually use the 4000K color temperature alone, Wick, Blu-ray between the values of 3000K and 6000K. Summary: Blu-ray depending on temperature. The color temperature of the ambient lighting 5000K is recommended.

On the continuous spectrum

Needless to say, is not a continuous spectrum, technical limitations. But didn't find out who LED TV and mobile phone blind see

Color rendering

Color and of course the higher the better, how will display color LED? My friend sent me a picture, the family in the light of all avatars. Of course this could be the camera white balance, but this is the white balance errors caused by light.

How to judge the color of light is it high or low?
Color the higher luminous flux of less value, in other words with luminous flux for color enhancement. Color is more than 80, is a relatively good light.

Because I'm just ordinary consumers, through the dismantling of hearsay so long to do it yourself, to find manufacturers understand, just give it a little buying advice: first, international big Wick parameter is very high, international brands of lamps and lighting of the domestic big gaps, mainly to see the wick.

Second, certain products of domestic big Thunder power a poor, strobe.

Third, the kitchen can't buy!