LED Surface Mounted Downlight

Shanghai Delton is a manufacturer and supplier for LED surface mounted downlights.We produce different sizes of surface mounted led downlight to meet different customer needs.

Product Details

Shanghai Delton is LED surface mounted downlight the manufacturer and supplier. We produce different sizes of surface mounted led downlight to meet different customer needs.

Brief Description:

LED surface mounted downlight is a new model LED down light mounted on the surface of the room roof, expecially for store lighting, room lighting, etc. It has such characteristics as energy saving, longer service life, higher CRI, faster response. The LED round down light for ceiling is more compact, which can perfectly achieve entire unification and harmony with the architectural ornament without any damage of the light settings embedded inside the ornament. Therefore, it can provide with free-glare, non-exposure and even more comfortable visual effect.


1. Energy-saving: the LED down light in white color is only counting for 10% of the power consumption of the incandescent light, 40% of the power consumption of the fluorescent light; Its service life can exceed 100000 hours, so it's more efficacious for all in home lighting.

2. High frequency using: if the fluorescent light is switched on or off at a high frequency using, its lamp filament will soon be damaged or darkened.

3. Solid-state mounted: it can be transported and installed easily, no needed to care for vibrating. The main concern is heat diffusion.

4. With the rapid development of science and technology, LED down lights for store room has made a great achievement on the luminous efficiency and cost.

5. Environmental protection: the LED down light is free from mercury or toxic material and will reduce waste to a minimum. In addition, they are made entirely of recyclable material, so they impact on the environment is minimal.

6. Fast response: it has fully avoided the main defect of the traditional HPSL - a longer starting time.


1. For hotel & restaurant

It can not only make people feel more comfortable and luxurious, but also can make energy saving.

2. For Living room & home theater

By adopting its lighting color and brightness from the LED down light, it can offer a warm, casual, harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

3. For museum, gallery & exhibition

Lighting for places such as museum, gallery & exhibition is in need of superior lighting effect which must fit with the particularity of the objects on display, no UV & heat radiation. The LED down light can be a cold light source, which can fulfill the specific requirement of the lighting for museum, gallery and exhibition.

4. For meeting room, function room

Intelligent controlled LED down light is adjustable to the brightness, which can satisfy the requirement for different purpose or atmosphere.

5. For luxury exclusive shop, shopping mall & store room

LED down light is designed to give you the best possible lighting performance such as local lighting, ceiling lighting or area lighting whilst at the same time providing you with a cost effective, environmentally friendly product and modern aesthetic sense . Some of them equip with its own power driver with IC controlling, and use main standard input voltage. This is a maintenance free light fitting that once installed will give you 50,000 hours of money and energy savings and eliminates the need to replace any bulbs. This down light will save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill and will look great in any room.

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