Rectangle LED Light Guide Plates

Rectangle LED Light Guide Plates

Delton Electronic is a professional LED Light Guide Plates manufacturers and suppliers in china, that is concerned with the design, development and production of Rectangle LED Light Guide Plates. Welcome to enjoy our unmatched price and service.

Product Details

We are a professional manufacturer of different kinds of rectangle led light guide plates and white led guide plate.

Product Specification:
- Super-slim body in thickness of 5-10mm.
- Precise LED arrangement, Fine luminance without dark space.
- Energy saving and easy installation for different applications, dimmable available.
- Size, Luminance, Power consumption can opt as customers demand.


1.Commercial lighting, shop or exhibition lighting;

2.Art lighting, theater, stage and museum lighting;

3.Advertising lighting and so on

Process and decomposition:


Package and Transportation:


1. External power supply and wiring must be in compliance with the wiring standard for indoor lights.
2. While Cleaning or replacing the product, it's necessary to turn off the power supply.
3. While maintaining, it's necessary to be performed by a skilled or trained electric technician. (the replacement of some element must be
admitted by the supplier or done as per the instruction.)
4. If you have any further queries about the installation or usage, you are also welcomed to contact us directly or our appointed distributors.


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