2016 LED Lighting Products Export Of China

- Mar 08, 2017-

In 2016 and later, but the current situation of China's foreign trade situation is still cause for concern. Market is like an executioner, and continue harvesting products one after another, seemingly simple export market actually hidden "mystery".

Negative growth in exports of 1, lighting

In recent days, according to the report, data showed exports at $10.568 billion 2016 China LED lighting, down 26%.

Reported that, in 2016, China LED lighting exports fell because:

1, prices fell, especially price decline to 18.5%.

2, due to rising and currencies in Southeast Asia, leading to reduction in exports LED.

3, certification standards in some countries, such as India LED BIS certification

In terms of specific products, LED interior lighting export share rose sharply, especially bulbs, lamps, panel lights outdoor lighting such as street lighting, tunnel lights down.

2, domestic market penetration rate of LED lighting products at 42%

In 2016, accelerating the phase-out of incandescent bulbs, LED lighting has become the dominant light source. China's domestic production of LED lighting products of about 8 billion, an increase of 33% domestic sales of about 3.8 billion, an increase of 35%.

Domestic market penetration rate of LED lighting products (domestic sales quantity/LED lighting products lighting products total domestic sales quantity) reached 42%, up 2015 10%.

3, the new favorite into export zones in the Middle East

2016 1 in November, EU, USA, Japan and ASEAN countries, BRICs, as well as countries in the Middle East is the LED lighting products in China's main export market, but the market is uneven, growth conditions.