Encyclopedia Of Science--how To Choose The Right LED Lights?

- Mar 08, 2017-

Selected lamps home decoration is inevitable, the shape of the lamp need to be coordinated with decoration style and function. Lighting styles and shapes are many, many things, not saying much. This article tells consumers how to choose the right lighting, LED lamps, which can meet the needs of lighting environments, and to achieve healthy lighting requirements.

1, LED lights are not as bright as possible good
Ordinary consumers easily into an error, when a white-light LED lights LED lights and a warm when put together, think than warm white lamp lights up, mistakenly think that white is better. In fact, we have been living, places to stay, should choose 4000K and below the color temperature of the LED lamps, which can effectively reduce or avoid the effects of blue light on human health, to protect vision also has a very important significance. Shown in Figure 1 can be very intuitive 4000K and color temperature.

2, select the harmonic content of the light
Harmonic major, ordinary consumers may not be easy to understand, when choosing lamps cannot be judged more or less harmonic content. Our AC power 50Hz sine wave, but due to the use of a large number of electronic products and other nonlinear loads, resulting in our power supply or current on the line is not a pure sine wave, which mixed with other frequency waveforms, higher harmonic content, greater impact. Harmonic there are many kinds of hazards for users, energy consumption has increased, the radios will cause interference and so on.
How we simple judged harmonic? You can pick up a transistor radio, close to the LED lights if larger radio noise, indicating that higher harmonic content of the LED lights, radio interference is more powerful.

3, reduce the effects of stroboscopic effect
Strobe effect is a term, that is, at a certain frequency of light observed motion showing static or different from its real status. Consumers is hard to understand. Strobe effect is caused by the 50Hz AC, we AC 50Hz become more frequently or become DC this problem is not solved?! So, we can take mobile phones or cameras to shoot video mode to determine if display LED lamp picture jitter on the screen, show that strobe is more serious, harm the health of human vision.