Flexible LED Strips

- Jun 11, 2018-

compact designs and manufactures Led boards on rigid support and flexible led strips at the production line. Our LED products are made with very specific characteristics for the various sectors. Retail, clothing stores, hair salons, office or where it is important that the colour is faultless using high colour yield LED to avoid distorting the colours of the garments and products on display. Dynamic white LED can be used where maximum colour grade flexibility is required to mix the cold light with the hot to get the desired level of brightness. For rigid LED boards we use the best LED brands like Philips, Epistar and Cree surpassing 140 lumens per Watt in some models. For flexible strips we have decided to offer very high quality standards, which is why we are dealing with the whole production cycle from LED encapsulation, thus guaranteeing only BIN per colour grade. This allows us to keep the colour grade of our flexible LED strips constant while avoiding that there are LED strips in different colour grades over time. The flexible LED strips reach 100 lumens per Watt. All of our LED boards and strips are supplied with 3M thermal conductive tape to ensure maximum adhesion and heat transfer to the aluminium dissipative body.

flexible LED strip