Four Ways To Improve The Quality Of LED Light Source

- Mar 08, 2017-

"LED lighting from the previous year of transition energy to the pursuit of healthy and intelligent time, improve the quality of light, LED lighting, intelligent and more critical. "On February 20 at the 2017 Chief consultancy market analysis (Shanghai), up spectrum optical, Deputy General Manager, the packaging division General Manager Yin Hui in its" light quality intelligent lighting LED encapsulation technology and applications in the era of "theme mentioned in the speech.

High quality table now can restore color and better performance of real objects. Light quality parameters are indicators for measuring light sources is very important, affecting the quality of the light elements include color temperature, color rendering index, color consistency and color float. Yin Hui believes that by selecting the appropriate, enhance the color temperature of light source color rendering index, improved lighting, color consistency and control of color floated to improve the quality of LED light source.

Enhance LED color rendering index of the light source is usually start from the phosphor, but brightness and color-rendering index is interdependent, phosphor excitation spectrum bandwidth widened to long wave direction, but the brightness is reduced. Increasing the Red wavelength is now mainstream practice.

High color rendering index Ra quality is certainly okay? by instances that reference were one-sided. CRI is based on bold radiation class continuous emission of light and proposed of, for spectrum waveform steep, band more narrow of spectrum, may will produced problem, so actual test in the found, sometimes explicit color index low of LED even will than explicit color index high of LED has more perfect of explicit color sex, key is R9 of numerical very important, R9>0 currently is on LED light most basic of requirements.

Improved LED light color consistency is to reduce the light source color difference between measuring chromatic aberration size tolerances, combined with the theory of MacAdam, current industry mostly light colored LED light source color tolerance tolerance control in 3, and 4, lighting control within 6. Reduce color float by optimizing the chip array arrangement problems, reduce heat accumulation, low thermal resistance and low thermal stress, cost-effective LED substrate, packaging materials selection (solid Crystal glue, silicone and phosphor), inter alia, to achieve.