LED Light Has Gone Out, No Lights, Flashing, Micro Analysis, How To Fix It?

- Mar 08, 2017-

At present, the uneven quality of LED light bulbs on the market, there may be a short time and it broke, so bad, should I do it? Some methods below for reference.

Take a look at the market common 3 types of bulbs from the housing material:
All-plastic LED bulb
This LED bulb is cheapest on the market, is also the worst quality, low end products. Needless to say, is also on the up. From determines the material, all-plastic LED bulb is usually RC buck (wattage useful linear constant-current driver), fiberglass panels of the Board lights and some even with or even cardboard, full plastic jacket was no way heat, long life when I was born. May have a larger wattage aluminum radiators.
If the bad throw, there's nothing to repair.

Aluminum LED light bulbs
This type of bulb is currently the market is relatively stable, is also the most used. Outside of its shell structure is inside the plastic, aluminum radiator, if manufacturers use of cross flow constant pressure of conscience-driven, the service life is long, if the material does not cut corners on case, generally not a problem.
If it breaks, light was broken, for light sources. Driving bad for driving.

Aluminum LED light bulbs
This type of bulb is more popular programmes on the market a few years ago, because material costs gradually is replaced by aluminum. Of course, this all-aluminum, heat is good, life is good. Only drawback is the cost of materials is high, prices are too high. Use enough cases, rarely a problem.
If it breaks, light was broken, for light sources. Driving bad for driving.

LED light bulbs are the three mentioned above from the housing material: plastic, aluminum, and aluminum.
LED bulb driver power classification: RC step-down constant current, constant current and constant voltage, linear.
Driver is the core of bulbs, bad situations that may occur are:
1. the whole lamp does not light,
2. lamp light,
3. the lamp flashing,
4. after a light is not lit up.
LED bulb from the light source are: on the market today are mostly 5730 source, of course, lack of foot tiles and tile.
Light sources worse possible scenarios are:
1. part of the light part light does not shine,
2. the whole lamp does not light,
3. a lamp black,
4. the whole light drifts into the conventional color temperature of the light.

Good quality bulbs are at least 3 years, buy low price products more vulnerable, suggested the use of heat good aluminum plastic or aluminum housing, constant current and constant voltage drive, foot-watt LED bulbs.