Lighting Industry

- Mar 08, 2017-

In an instant, 2017 lunar new year is over, spring is also red. 2017 LED lighting industry, the industry still plenty of lighting for people and mirrors, the direction could not be found. In 2017, the LED lighting industry developed chemoattractant to what can it be? the author talk about personal opinion.

The macro field "alternating hot and cold"

I think 2017 since spring, macro-areas "alternating hot and cold" tone has shown that also determines the 2017 LED lighting industry trends keynote is "alternating hot and cold".

First of all, according to media statistics, China reported sum of infrastructure investment, has more than 16 trillion yuan! under the large plates, LED lighting engineering opportunities. Of course, take into account factors such as levels, amount of risk increases, careful attention the major manufacturers of LED lighting engineering.

Secondly, trade protectionism is on the rise in some major countries in the world, exports for these countries as the main object of foreign trade enterprises, is not a good thing. Therefore, in terms of export trade, but need to focus on the country's "along the way" strategy, and actively open up new markets.

Again, due to the development of LED lighting industry is closely related to the domestic real estate market, by 2016 the domestic real estate market, "Yang after the first tumor suppressor" impact of LED lighting industry will also have a "young after the first tumor suppressor" process. And tone of 2017, real estate is "smooth", so the LED lighting industry in General will steadily forward.

Finally, talk about "e-commerce" effect. It should be said that the past year, community has become aware of "pure" deficiencies, "+ entity" has become the consensus. In 2017, both industry e-commerce platform, or as days cats, Jingdong, suning, represented the popular e-commerce platform, in the LED lighting industry will pay more attention to "+ entity" combination. LED lighting product firms in such a trend, how to choose, how to get involved is very important.