Problems Plaguing LED Lighting Technology

- Mar 08, 2017-

1, the domestic enterprises non-core technology
LED industry upstream of most of the key patents in the hands of foreign companies on hand, our core technologies are not available, although us-LED application products manufacturing capacity in the world to 50%, share and 50%, but in the part of profits is the lowest part. The cost of LED lighting in LED chips, as long as chip prices down, LED LM price down and at this stage of energy-saving lamps. Because LED chip technology, growing more large size wafer manufacturing process, will continue to cut costs in recent years, every year at the 20% slow, LED chip prices factor, to upgrade the light efficiency is also accounted for in the price, the same price for a better product, so much reduction in LED chip space.
2, LED application products thermal
Thermal cost to maintained in 5%, actual thermal design is simple, put live two a direction: a is, LED chip and outside thermal devices path more short more good, more short you of thermal design on more good; II is, thermal resistance, is to has enough of thermal to path while also to has enough of "thermal road", this part cost main in structure, structure design in lamps in the probably accounted for 20%, for thermal cost does not more. Now the biggest problem is how to be more innovative, more reasonable structure design.
3, LED power supply
Power LED lighting is the weakest link, restricting the development of LED lighting. Design about 20% LED lighting costs now, some high, as technology development power in percent probably the most reasonable. LED light source compared with other light sources the afterlife, in fact, the cost is not high, and LED energy-saving environmental protection, in particular, does not contain mercury, and quarterly prices of LED lighting in the slide, LED lighting in a relatively short period of time prices will be able to reach acceptable levels.