The Lighting Industry ‘four Modernizations’ Trend, LED Road Lighting How To Choose The Future

- Mar 08, 2017-

Entered in 2017, our industry is stirring some encouraging variations, some excellent LED lighting industry action, efforts to strengthen the integration of markets and industries. Maybe this year will be lighting a new watershed.

With the chip and middle packaging enterprises in the upper reaches of the rivers and Lakes structure is relatively stable, with application-end enterprise from "warm" to "dispel" the industry more and more clearly a "four modernizations" trend.

1, brand

As we all know, traditional lighting, lighting the number there is actually not much, only about 5,000. Into the LED lighting era, companies expanded rapidly, reaching about 30,000, has increased 6 times. In recent years the entire industry clearly showing scattered, chaotic, the characteristics of small, weak and competition more fierce, you've had a good day.

Then, in the fierce competition in the market, who will win it? must be brand enterprises! op, NVC, Foshan lighting, wood Linsen, three male Aurora rising sales for these brands in recent years, squeezing those non-brand market. This is one reason some non-brand enterprises shut down in recent years.

Some enterprises said, I brands! actually, most companies can only say our industry registered a "brand", that can only be called "brand", cannot be called "brand." Brand is not the same brand, brand is simple, brand is a system, have the strength of support. Behind the brand culture, and goodwill, service, management system ... ... "Rome was not built in a day" brands are not built for three days to two months, and takes a long time of the precipitation.

So, as a reseller, in the course of business, must try to find the brand business, or looking for that brand awareness, are on the brand on the road to enterprise cooperation, the only way to ensure the sustainability of business and regulatory.

2, lean

There is a phrase called "Excellence", meaning good or better, a bit like the Olympic spirit, the pursuit of "swifter, higher, stronger". "Lean" is commonly used to describe the manufacturing industry, the pursuit of the ultimate in product quality.

Can also be used in the sale and service of "lean" to describe. The LED lighting industry from scratch, from small to big, from weak to strong, and capacity now is ranked the highest in the world, transnational mergers and acquisitions happen time and again, have proved the LED lighting industry has a strong voice in the world.

However, bluntly says, our entire industry, whether product or management, whether it be sales or service, still in the rough stages. You may have been to Germany and Japan, both countries in the "lean" manufacturing and services have done a good, worthy of our study.

Lighting organizations "overseas trade missions" to both countries, members were in their city and the lean enterprise and smitten with the attentive service. Our businesses and industries general direction is from "extensive" to "lean" approach, copying skills, strong bones and muscles.

3, Internet

Nowadays, Internet has been such as mercury from diarrhoea are everywhere. Grown up after the consumer is even called the "Internet generation".

LED lighting industry of the Internet, is to make full use of the Internet as a tool for their production and operation of the wings. There is a dealer, he made many friends, built a lot of app group, make their own group, product and industry knowledge, positive for micro-friends and the Friends Group answered questions about the LED lighting industry. Over time, these micro-group of friends and friends from fans into customers.

LED lighting industry of the Internet, in fact, is to our industry in particular dealers want to quickly turn ideas, implanted in the brain "chip on the Internet", the use of the Internet services for your business. The Internet is an efficient tool, in the back of the tool, in fact, is still "people" link. The Internet gives us the opportunity to meet more people, make communication more clear, make information more transparent, are also significant business cost savings.

Willing or not, the whole industry has to the Internet, all enclosed in this big net, there is no escape.

4, capitalized

After entering the LED lighting era, significant changes in the competitive landscape of the industry, the most typical manifestations are listed companies more and more, traditional Giants NVC listed in Hong Kong, op art, listed last year, three lights in the upcoming IPO. Others such as Foshan lighting, wood Linsen, sunlight, lighting and so on, not to mention.

Meanwhile, the mergers and acquisitions of listed companies is more and more frequently, from the acquisition of domestic enterprises and transnational corporations to mergers and acquisitions, capital of a large step in the industry's rules of the game changed.

Competition between listed and non-listed companies is inherently unfair. Why do you say that? because public companies have plenty of money, plenty of blood flow in the management process the ropes. And non-listed companies ' profit has not been difficult hard to survive.

Listed companies can compete head-on with rival market, capital can also be used directly to competitors launched acquisitions! lots of large enterprises is constantly growing through mergers and acquisitions.

The future, listed companies will be more and more of the LED lighting industry, more and more mergers and acquisitions, share of the market will become more and more concentrated. Not with capital of life will become more and more difficult for SMEs. From the lighting "top" feedback data, there are several listed companies performance this year exceeded 5 billion yuan. In accordance with this trend, the overall performance of individual enterprises exceeded 10 billion yuan will be just around the corner.

So, either listed or listed companies, either in cooperation with listed companies behave, or to create tough lean manufacturing or service system, which is placed in front of most LED lighting company's road to the future.