Top Ten Interior Lighting Design Considerations

- Mar 08, 2017-

1, human vision is dependent on the surrounding brightness of the event horizon.
When the brightness of the environment increases, dynamic and holistic vision of the human has relatively increased, and the possibility of error is reduced.

2, located in a soft light indoor planes, space can be given comfort.
In contrast, unsuitable or too much light will cause eye damage and fatigue.

3, properly reflecting control can protect your eyesight.
Reflective if not sight, but may cause irritation and damage to eyesight.

4, good contrast ratio make the eye can distinguish between physical and background.
A lighting system, good brightness contrast does not cause a strong reflection glare and provide a comfortable visual environment.

5, light projection direction and position are very important.
Meanwhile, it also affects the distribution of light and shade.

6, shadow can enhance the Visual sense and guidance functions.
Effective combination of scattered light and indirect light and can be a good shadow state.

7, when proper color temperature choices--the day, natural light source's color temperature changes.
Therefore, the artificial light sources to select and adjust the different color temperatures, to create different lighting functions and context.

8, good color rendering index.
Color rendering index is a man-made light sources color measurement of capacity, to represent the natural color. With design and rich furnishings of the Interior, the colour of the light is particularly important.

9, light energy affects people's moods and feelings.
On the Interior and lighting is a subjective and unconscious impression. In recent years, public lighting environment for increased attention to the workplace productivity, the importance of mood and sense of well-being.

10, modern lighting and lighting design and the basic requirement is that the energy saving and environmental protection.
Energy-saving, environmental protection and health is the basic purpose of the green light. 1991 EPA promote green lighting has become popular worldwide, enjoys popular support, have a profound impact on lighting design. At present for the lighting installation, low efficiency and legacy system transformation and restructuring have many solutions.